Guide To Selling Your Property

Here at Sun Group Real Estate Inc. we understand that deciding to sell your home is a big decision to make. We are here to help our clients sell their home at a price they are happy with. Important factors to consider when deciding to sell your home is:

 Why you are selling

 What is the timeframe of when you need to sell your home by

 The target price you would like to sell your home at

 The location, size, interior design, style, and condition of your home

 The current real estate market conditions

Whatever reason it may be that you are selling your home, our agents will help you through every step of the way when you are ready to list your property for sale.

Another important factor to consider when you are ready to sell your property is the cost associated with selling a home. When you have taken factors into consideration such as real estate commissions, advertising and marketing costs, and home inspection costs, our agents will be able to help you list your home at a price point that will help you maintain profitability.
The most important step in selling your home is determining the price to set your home at before we list it on the market. Our agents will do their research and determine a strong price point to sell your home at based on up to date real estate market trends. We will make sure we don’t sell your home too low causing our clients to lose profit on the sale of their home. We will also make sure we don’t overprice your home causing your home to sit on the market for too long thus making it less attractive for buyers to make a strong offer on your home. Leave it up to our real estate agents to help you price your home at an attractive price point to help you achieve a successful transaction.
The location of your home will help our real estate agents determine a reasonable price point to sell your home at. Factors that are often taken into consideration when we set a price for your home is the surrounding neighborhood, whether your home is in an urban or rural area, and if your property is priced comparably to other properties for sale in the area. Our real estate agents will research diligently to make sure we price your home at a price point that will be satisfactory to our clients.
In order to sell your home at its’ highest market value, we need to make sure that our clients keep their property at a condition that
appeals to buyers at first impression. Some tips and advice we give our clients to prepare their property for sale without digging too much into your savings is:

 Keeping a well-manicured lawn

 Updating the paint on the exterior of your home

 Cleaning your flooring

 Keeping your windows spotless inside and out

Placing furniture within your home can highlight many features within your home and help your home stand out amongst other competitors
on the market. Our real estate agents will help you in the staging of your home to appeal to buyers and help you sell your home at its’ maximum potential. If you already have furniture within your home, our real estate agents can give you pointers on the placement of your furniture to appeal to buyers. Some tips and advice for helping you ensure a successful sale of your home is to:

 Vacate the property for buyers to preview your home privately

 Keep all personal belongings within the home organized

 Play relaxing background music within your home to create an ambiance for potential buyers

 Maintain a fresh scent within your home to create a pleasant experience for potential buyers

 Open all curtains within the home to create natural lighting for home viewing

 Turn on lights within the home if natural lighting is not available in specific areas of the home

The amenities and accessibility of your home will help your real estate agent determine a price point for your home. Your real estate agent will make sure they highlight features of your home such as proximity to local public transportation, nearby highways/freeways, schools, shopping centers, entertainment, public pools, playgrounds, parks, and more in order to increase the value of your home.

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